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The Coaching Business Summit

Embodying Your Inner-CEO to go to 6-Figures and Beyond

Awakening your “inner-CEO” and evolving into an Energetic CEO is more than just a job title. It’s a Way-of-Being.

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Learn how to make CEO moves that will Up Level your Business, your Impact & your Freedom to do what you love!


Learn How To Hire Top Talent, Develop A Winning Team & How To Start Delegating So You Can Stay In Your Zone OF Genius & Start Doing What You Love Most All While Creating The Vision,Freedom & Impact You have been dreaming of! (while working way less!)


Learn The Top Marketing Secrets From Industry Experts that will share how to get MORE clients, MORE money, & MORE time to do the things you love.


Learn Branding from the experts who share their secrets that will help you look and feel your best AND help your business brand SHINE.


Learn from the Abundance and Wealth experts who share their secrets on how to manifest wealth both at the subconscious/DNA level AND simple actionable steps

This summit is different.

There are loads of summits/courses/conferences out there teaching you tips/strategies/techniques, and other ways of "How to do".

This summit is focused on how to BE a CEO.  And not just ~any~ CEO, but an ENERGETIC CEO.

I've brought together the best-of-the-best. Thought leaders in the coaching industry all along the path to 6-figures and beyond.
We talk about what it means to become your ideal inner-CEO and what becomes possible once you do. 


I hand-picked speakers and influencers at the top of their game. They're leading experts in the world who'll show you how to reveal your inner-CEO so you can go to 6-figures and beyond using the skills and strategies that are working well right now!

Despite their busy schedules, each of these speakers jumped on board for this event and promised to teach their best stuff.  All I can say is, you are in for a treat!



Geeta Nadkarni


How To Find Clarity & Turn It Into Cash

Carrie Cardozo


The Importance of Alignment in Business and What it All Means

David Gieselman


Redefining Failure: When Failure Looks Like a Swanky 6-Figure Job

Claire Walton


Super Neuro You & Self-Leadership

Tammy Dunnett


5 Steps to Having Hard Conversations Like a CEO

Shane Kulman


Own Your Awkward & Overcome Your Insecurities

Tashé Allen


How To Use Your Menstrual Cycle to Boost Your Business Productivity

Shanna Pearson


The Secret of Champion Mindset: Passion!

Jess Bonasso


Energy Management 101 for the High-Reaching Worn Out Wonder Woman

Kim Allen


Creating Space & Freedom with Meditation

Leslie Tremblay


Discover Your Inner Leader

Lisa Bonner


Building #Blissipline

Noel Csermak


Growing Into Who You Want to Become

Fiona Barr


Learning to grab life by the "curve-balls"

Dusya Lyubovskaya


Healing Body-Image & Self-Doub

Adette Lacert


Bringing the Magic Into Coaching


David Newman


How to Market Your Smarts

Diana Conklin


Get High Qualified Clients By Knowing Your Target Market

Diana Mantey


Getting Started With Facebook Ads Like a CEO


Sue Perez


"CEO Spotlight: Press Record"

Michelle C. Kuei


Discover Your Niche With Storytelling

Courtney Robinson


What it Really Means to IGNITE Your Image!

Sam Masinsin


How to Attract and Connect with Ideal Clients Using Design

Shannon Claire


CEO Lens: How to Find Your Dream Photographer


Galit Tsadik


Financial Wellness with the Financial Sharktress

Jessica McLean


Expand into Your Next Level of Wealth

Lila Veronica


3 Simple Steps to Embodying Wealth without Burning Out

Jasimine Renee


The DNA Key to Unlocking Your Success

Your Host & Summit Founder

Hi, I’m Trina Serrecchia, Business Energetics & Transformational Mindset Coach, and it wasn’t that long ago that I struggled with creating the freedom, wealth, and impact I desired in my coaching business.  

 Fast forward past failed attempts and lessons learned to the coaching business have now, one that is working with coaches who KNOW they are meant to build a 6-multi-7 figure coaching business work less, make more, and never have to sacrifice what matters most to them. When they embrace their inner-CEO, they exponentially grow their freedom, wealth & impact.  

I created the The Coaching Business Summit: Embodying Your Inner-CEO to go to 6-Figures and Beyond to give you access to industry leaders who are sharing simple actionable step by step strategies, so you can do the same.    

If you are a coach who KNOWS you are meant to be have a 6-7 Figure+ business, and wants to learn how to have a CEO Mindset that’s “Legacy Level”, and create the income and impact to match so you can exponentially grow your freedom, wealth, & impact, this is the summit for you!

I'd love for you to join us!

Summit Agenda of Interviews & Trainings

Learn from the Coaching Biz Industry Experts in Leadership, Marketing, Branding & Wealth!

Learn the Expert's secrets on how to make CEO moves that will Up-Level your Business, your Impact & your Freedom to do what you love!

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We ALL love prezzies, right?

Every single one of the summit presenters brings massive value. We could have stopped right there.

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Bonus trainings, workshops, meditations, and more

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So much more!

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There will be both pre-recorded and live streamed sessions.

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The VIP All Access Pass is for 12 months from the start of this summit. Over the next year you will evolve. We are committed to keeping our fingers on the pulse of the community and keeping content fresh and exciting. The value in this summit won’t be gathering dust on your virtual shelf!

We respect your privacy. Your email address will be used to communicate about the summit and to share valuable information about embodying your inner-CEO as you build your coaching business to 6-figures and beyond. You can unsubscribe at any time.

Throughout the summit you will have the opportunity to opt into your favorite expert’s free offers by sharing your email address directly with them. This summit is all about giving value.  

We love summits, but hate the "marathon" of back-to-back... interviews and talks. They are always transformative,'s nice to have time to *absorb* and integrate what we've learned before diving back into the river of wisdom that summits inherently are.  That's why we spread out the 28+ interviews over 14 days, with plenty of time to absorb the golden nuggets, and network with other CEO coaches.

The interview durations are between 30-minutes to just under an hour.  

We hate lazy assumptions made about us, don't you?  Every single one of us needs to be seen, heard, recognized...acknowledged for who and how we identify - not just what we look like from the outside.  

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion [DEI], whether it is regarding race or gender identity has been growing in awareness over the past few years - yet there is still so much guilt, confusion, and helplessness about how to incorporate DEI and "check our privilege" in our businesses, even if we are solo-practitioners. If you are taking time to watch, listen, learn - without leaning into the discomfort of having conversations around these issues, without looking at your own business and assumptions, then you have a degree of privilege.

This statement isn't intended, in any way, to blame or shame.  To some it may feel like a "spanking". If so, that interpretation is coming from them, because they know something isn't right - but may not know how to change it. It doesn't feel good when you know you are making a mistake, but don't know how to fix it, right?  If this has been bothering you - it doesn't have to.

In preparation for this summit we had conversations with the LGBTQ+ community, and did additional research on how to talk about and how to incorporate DEI into this summit.

Check out the Summit Guidelines at the bottom of this page for more info, but in summary:

Preferred Personal Pronouns are featured prominently within the summit. You are invited to update your screen names/profile names with your preferred personal pronouns. Let's normalize and make it safe to indicate how each of us identifies.

We must actively challenge our own assumptions. As coaches, one of the things we do is help our clients recognize and challenge their assumptions.  We need to start within ourselves first. Consider this as a practice.

Treat people like people. You don't have to walk on eggshells. You don't have to feel awkward around people who are different from what you understand.  Treat others how you wish to be treated.

It's OK to be confused - that's your issue. No one owes you an explanation. This is all said in love. Giving ourselves the grace of sitting in discomfort is a CEO skill.

When we know better we can do better.  

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